your business. Supporting your family. Balancing your life.
The ONE community helping you successfully navigate all THREE.
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You've been a WAHM for awhile now but you have days, weeks and even months where you're stressed and overwhelmed.
You have a TON on your plate every single day.
You want to focus on growing a thriving, successful business that serves amazing clients or customers.
AND you want to focus on growing a thriving, successful family while still taking care of you.

Sound familiar? We know it does because we've been there, too!
Welcome to YOUR
Work-at-Home Mom Life
You've Found Your Tribe!
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Imagine your life as a successful 
Work-At-Home Mom...

...working when and where you choose

...earning double, triple, even 10x your current income

...being available for your kids on a moment's notice

...having time to take care of your needs

...managing an organized household

...pursuing your dreams

...improving your family's bottom line the life you've always dreamed of!
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Sign up TODAY to save $10/month AND get over $1,200 in bonuses!!
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Launch your freelancing journey with this course designed to kickstart your freelance career. I take everything I've learned over the past decade as a 6-figure freelancer and break it down into actionable weekly lessons so that you can quickly reach your level of success without the headache of the mistakes and missteps I encountered along the way. 

TEACHER: Kate Miller
Founder of The WAHM Collective
[Starts 10/7] 
Did you know you can make an amazing income through influencer marketing even if you have no social media followers and no one has ever heard of you? You totally can - by approaching influencer marketing from the other side and running influence marketing campaigns for clients and brands. This HOT field is growing by leaps and bounds and is now a multi-billion dollar industry. 
This course will teach you everything you need to know to become and in-demand influence marketer - from pitching and landing clients to pricing your services to influencer outreach and negotiation to designing influencer campaign strategies and so much more. Want to make multiple 5-figures a month? Becoming an influence marketer is the quickest way to get there! I'll share all of my previous influencer agency experience and freelancer strategies - including what it's like to work with big brands such as Southwest Airlines, OREO, Ritz Crackers, Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics. This course is a game-changer and will NEVER AGAIN be offered as a bonus, anywhere. 

TEACHER: Kate Miller
Founder of The WAHM Collective
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"The WAHM Collective is just what the doctor ordered for a busy WAHM hustling to grow her business."  -Wendy R.
The WAHM Collective is packed with both practical and educational content to help new and experienced work at home moms across 3 core concepts: business, family, and life.

When you become a member of The WAHM Collective you'll have access to the teachings of over 20 fellow work-at-home moms who are experts in their fields - from writing copy that sells to growing your Instagram presence, from preparing meals for picky eaters to how to organize your home for success, from getting started as a freelancer to developing a mindset primed for success, and SO MUCH MORE! 

The WAHM Collective is geared for all moms, from those just beginning to explore the idea of working at home to those who've been doing it for decades but want to be more organized, level up their business or just be part of an active, like-minded group of fellow work at home moms.
Members of The WAHM Collective get unlimited access to:
Join one of the 20+ Founding Partners of The WAHM Collective, or a special guest teacher, for a live teaching experience from her area of expertise.
Each month brings a new, timely menu plan with recipes - main dish and side dish(es) - for each day. You're busy, so eliminate the nagging "what's for dinner" question from daily to-do list.
Enjoy full access to an extensive library of courses and ebooks from the 3 core concepts - business, family and life. Download, print or revisit again and again. New materials added regularly.
Interact with fellow members of The WAHM Collective, ask questions of the site's 20+ expert teachers and build and grow relationships that fully support and uplift you on your work-at-home journey.
Each month we'll focus on one area of our lives that could use a little love. Whether it's a challenge to keep our kids busy over summer, to get our email inboxes organized, or to keep our holiday season stress-free. Receive regular challenge tasks via email and use the Private Community for daily check-ins to stay accountable.
The WAHM Collective is made up of 20+ Founding Partners who are all experts in their fields. While our knowledge is extensive, we'll also bring in special guest teachers from time to time to cover topics outside of our scope of expertise or to provide a new perspective.
From coloring sheets for the kids (and some for you - we all need a little downtime!) to timely recipe ebooks, checklists, monthly calendars, social media content, stock images and more, the monthly bonus section will be a continually updating trove of treasures!
Receive an exclusive 10% or more off of the courses, products and/or services offered by the Founding Partners of The WAHM Collective. Additionally, we'll curate other sales and specials that could be beneficial to your WAHM life so that you never miss out on a deal to make life a little easier, more productive or more financially successful.
Here's a (very) Brief Overview of Some of the Content You'll Find Inside The WAHM Collective:
  • Building Your Business: Google Productivity Bundle
  • Building Your Business: Create a Solid Email Marketing Campaign That Sells
  • Building Your Business: Make Money Blogging (5-Part Video Course)
  • Building Your Business: Ultimate Etsy Starter Kit
  • Building Your Business: Launch Your Freelance Writing Career
  •  Building Your Family: Family Organization
  •  Building Your Family: Help for Picky Eating
  •  Building Your Family: How to Budget a Family Vacation
  •  Building Your Life: 8 Steps to Living & Creating Your Dream Life
  •  Building Your Life: Health Nutrition Academy
  •  Building Your Life: Decluttering Worksheets
  • Building Your Life: The Power of Goals
Meet Some of the Founding Partners & Experts of The WAHM Collective
LAUREN KEPLINGER | Building Your Business Teacher
"I teach Etsy entrepreneurs how to take their side hobby to a full time income."
KATE JOHNSON | Building Your Business Teacher
"I help people to create a business that works for them not the other way around."
ELLA MARIE WALLACE | Building Your Family Teacher
"I help parents to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with their kids."
GWENDOLYN GAY | Building Your Business Teacher
"I am an actor, speaker and video coach. I help brands increase engagement with video."
KIMBERLEY WIGGINS | Building Your Business Teacher
"I help women embrace their purpose and take massive action in their businesses."
CIRILA VALMAGGIA | Building Your Life Teacher
"I help other moms like me that are struggling with weight control and/or health issues."
MARY VOOGT | Building Your Family Teacher
"I'm here to help you navigate the sometimes stressful world of food allergies & the challenges of feeding nourishing food to children."
CLARE TURNER-MARSHALL | Building Your Life Teacher
"My mission in life is to help you create a life, business and vibe you love."
~ Why The WAHM Collective? ~

Hi There! I'm Kate Miller, founder of The WAHM Collective.

My vision for The Work at Home Moms' Collective is to create a membership community that serves ALL aspects of a Work at Home Mom's life in one place. 

We are a unique breed - building businesses while also raising kids, running households and trying to take care of ourselves on a personal level. My thought was that it would be awesome to have each of those facets served in one location. Don't you agree?

At the same time, I also realized that I've met all of these AMAZING women online who are masters at their craft and making an impact on countless others through teaching and coaching. What if I could bring us all together? We'd collectively create an unparalleled resource for fellow WAHMs regardless of what stage they're at in their entrepreneurial journeys. 
Personally, I am a wife and mom of 5. I've been a work-at-home mom since 2004. I've spent the past decade working full time as a six-figure freelance marketer. I have been the sole breadwinner in our household since 2011. Being a work at home mom is the most exhilarating, challenging, freeing, scary, successful, fulfilling career that I've ever had. I truly believe that absolutely anyone that wants to become a work-at-home mom can and should do it! 

There is NO reason why you can't be successful as a WAHM...sometimes you just need a little guidance and support. 

That is exactly what you'll find when you join The WAHM Collective. Welcome!
Connect with The WAHM Collective

We get it...

being a work-at-home mom has its challenges.
We've been there, have navigated the pitfalls and landmines, and have successfully come out on the other side so that we can help YOU build a successful work-at-home life.

Whether you are just thinking about becoming a WAHM or if you've been at it for a decade, there's something inside of our community for you!

You will be charged $47 per month until cancellation. 
Cancel at any time. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
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