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The WAHM Collective
Creating your business. Supporting your family. Balancing your life.
The ONE community helping you successfully navigate all THREE.

The WAHM Collective is geared for all moms, from those just beginning to explore the idea of working at home to those who've been doing it for decades but want to be more organized, level up their business or just be part of an active, like-minded group of fellow work at home moms.
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The most streamlined, comprehensive freelancing course designed to help you build a life of freedom for yourself and your family.

This 13-week course will teach you how to successfully launch or level up your freelancing and turn it into a lucrative, income earning career. 
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From Stay-at-Home Mom 
to Work-at-Home Mom
Are you ready to transition from Stay-at-Home Mom to Work-at-Home Mom? This guide will help you get started on the right foot!
Upwork Video Training Sessions
Over 120 minutes of content covering beginner Upwork topics to help you get off to a fast and successful start.
7 Day Freelance Writing Course
 In just 7 days this course will teach you the skills I used to earn over $100,000 in just my first year of freelancing.
Kate Miller is a wife, mom of 5 and a 15-year WAHM. She has spent the past decade working as a six-figure freelance marketer and helping hundreds of women begin their successful journeys down the path of work-at-home freedom.

In 2011, Kate was able to retire her husband. He has been a stay-at-home dad (and her #1 tech guy) ever since, while she has been the sole breadwinner for their family of 7.

Building a thriving freelance business while working at home has opened up a world of freedom and opportunity for Kate and her family. The family spends as much time camping in their RV as possible. They live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where they moved in 2018 after falling in love with the area on a 21-day road trip 3 months earlier. 

Kate says: "Being a work at home mom is the most exhilarating, challenging, freeing, scary, successful, fulfilling career that I've ever had. I truly believe that absolutely anyone that wants to become a work-at-home mom can and should do it!" 
Creating your business. Supporting your family. Balancing your life.
The ONE community helping you successfully navigate all THREE.
We get it... Being a work-at-home mom has its challenges. We've been there, have navigated the pitfalls and landmines, and have successfully come out on the other side so that we can help YOU build a successful work-at-home life.

Whether you are just thinking about becoming a WAHM or if you've been at it for a decade, there's something inside of our community for you!

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